About Us

My name is Bee, I live in Mackay QLD and I have 4 kids + 2 bonus kids!

I was working in the mines as an operator until I brought a set of twins into this world in March 2023. 

On my days off I like to pack the cruiser up and explore our beautiful country, whether it be camping, swimming at a local creek, hiking, fishing or exploring new 4wd areas. 
Kickback first started when Covid 19 initially began to take over our lives and forced us to isolate in our homes. As soon as restrictions were lifted I began making the most of exploring the outdoors before we all recommenced work again. I explored so many places in such a short amount of time and posted all my travels on my Facebook. I sparked interest with all of my online pals who wanted to join me on adventures so I created a Facebook group and began organising events such as hikes, campouts, 4wd trips and waterhole exploring. 
A few friends suggested to make some apparel to wear to these events and thus Kickback Aus was created!

Although I haven't been creating many events lately due to work and home life commitments, I have just began ramping up the apparel side of things and I do plan to create more events in the future on a regular basis. 

At the moment it is just myself running and organising Kickback so I hope you can understand that when I fulfil items it is inbetween juggling big kids and newborn babies. 

Future plans for Kickback involve expanding to a wider variety of apparel, recruiting some more Brand Ambassadors, having some products displayed in local stores and hopefully getting back out there and leading some events. 

Enjoy browsing, and I hope to meet you at a Kickback event in the near future!